OneDrive for Business file size limit to be adjusted

Posted by bink on October 28 2014, 11:12 AM.

Yesterday Microsoft announced unlimited data storage for all Onedrive users with Office365 subscriptions, including OneDrive for Business. While this is great news, there are other limits still on OneDrive for business that do not make it the perfect cloud storage solution yet. Like the  filesize limit of 2 GB and directory depth. (OneDrive for consumers has a 10 GB file limit)

Today at Teched Barcelona I asked Julie White (General Manager Office Marketing) if Microsoft is working on removing the filesize limit. She said they are working on “removing all limits” in SharePoint online and that a announcement on this subject is to be expected “in a few months”

Now I don’t expect the filesize limit to be removed, but upped to 10 GB in a few months just like OneDrive for consumers.

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